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Eldritch Moon Pre Release

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Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day

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More Eldritch Moon means more draft picks!  Let’s jump into another set of first picks for the new set. My Pick: Sanctifier of Souls.  Sanctifier is a strong 4 drop, as it often can attack past smaller creatures as well as providing a one man army in the middle to later turns … Continued

It’s almost time for Eldritch Moon!  That means plenty of drafting this weekend, so let’s take a look at another round of picks from the set. My Pick: Savage Alliance.  I talked about the red uncommon last week, and I still think my initial assessment rings true that this is a … Continued

Super Smash Bros has come along way since its release almost two years ago on the Wii U.  Not only has the game received an enormous amount of balance tweaks and changes, an unprecedented occurrence in the smash franchise, but it has also featured six additional, downloadable characters released periodically … Continued

It’s time for Eldritch Moon!  With the full set list spoiled and the prerelease happening this weekend, it’s time to dive into Eldritch Moon limited with a round of draft picks. My Pick: Voldaren Pariah.  A 3/3 flier for five mana is a reasonable limited creature, if slightly underpowered.  Voldaren Pariah … Continued

There’s less than a week before the full spoiler is out for Eldritch Moon, so it’s time for one last look at Shadows over Innistrad before we jump headfirst into the new set! My Pick: Flameblade Angel.  4/4 fliers have always been powerful in limited, and while they often cost five … Continued