Journey Into Nyx Prerelease

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Jace versus Vraska Duel Decks

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Born of the Gods Prerelease As we get closer to the prerelease for Born of the Gods, the next set in the Theros block we will be taking preregistation for the 5 prerelease events as well as pre-orders for Born of the Gods Booster Boxes and Fat Packs. Below are … Continued

Game Grid Holiday Sale Every couple of days we will be putting up additional sale items as we get closer to Christmas on FACEBOOK. Here are a sample of the items on sale right now. Keep in mind the quantities are limited for these sale items. Dragon’s Maze Boosters ONLY … Continued

Even though Murder in Baldur’s Gate is over tonight, the Sundering continues in Legacy of the Crystal Shard adventure and this weekend on Saturday 11/16/2013. We will be holding the Launch event starting at 12 noon with Character building and 2 pm Adventure start time. There will be free exclusive … Continued

Theros Game Day is October 19, 2013. There will be 2 events on Saturday with the first one at 12 noon and the next tournament running at approximately 6 pm depending on turnout for the noon event. In addition to the normal Game Day Standard Tournaments, there will also be … Continued

After building Borborygmos and tossing together a fairly straight-forward King Darien deck, I wanted to do something a little different for a new deck. As I browsed through my folder I came across . I thought if there was an ability that could be abused surely this would be one … Continued