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With less than four months before WoW’s newest expansion Legion releases, most players may be twiddling their thumbs in their Garrisons and unsure of what to do before August 30th.  One set of achievements most players have not completed is Warlord of Draenor’s challenge mode timed dungeons.  Considering that the … Continued

Prereleases are one of my favorite events to attend.  Not only do I get to play with cards from a brand new set and spend time with friends, I get to see plenty of newer players enjoying themselves spending time playing Magic.  A Prerelease is a great environment for players … Continued

Attacking is a key fundamental to playing Hearthstone.  After all, you usually have to attack your opponent directly to win most games.  You also have the option to attack your opponent’s minions directly with your own.  Strategic Hearthstone play, like other popular card games, is predicated on two primary concepts: … Continued

An innocuous looking card, often doesn’t make the cut in constructed manabases since there are usually much better alternatives available.  Coming into play tapped is a significant drawback for a land; and if you are not gaining an appreciable advantage for having such lands in your deck, then it is … Continued

  Last week Game Grid Layton hosted the first qualifying event for the end of year Magic Invitational, and local stalwart Travis Padilla battled through the opposition to win the event and secure a spot at the 2016 Game Grid Invitational. Travis took some time to answer some questions about … Continued