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It’s time for another round of draft picks from Eternal Masters.  Let’s jump into the picks for the week! Value Pick: Regal Force is worth around $3, so nothing exciting here unfortunately. My Pick: Honden of Cleansing Fire.  There are a couple decent picks in this pack, but the two that … Continued

Eternal Masters Fever is in the air, and I’m bringing another set of first picks out of the first pack of a triple EMA draft.  Again, I’ll provide an option for the most valuable pick in terms of dollar value and then the card I am most likely to take … Continued

  This weekend I had the opportunity to draft Eternal Masters four times.   Following is a list of the decks I drafted, what I learned from each draft, and my first impressions of the format. Draft #1: G/B Elves 2 1 1 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 2 1 … Continued

Eternal Masters releases this week, and Game Grid is excited to be hosting Eternal Masters drafts all weekend long!  Let’s go ahead and kick things off with a couple Eternal Masters draft picks from three sample packs.  I’ll offer two pick options, one that gives you the greatest monetary value (considering … Continued

Prereleases are one of my favorite events to attend.  Not only do I get to play with cards from a brand new set and spend time with friends, I get to see plenty of newer players enjoying themselves spending time playing Magic.  A Prerelease is a great environment for players … Continued