Oath of the Gatewatch Pre Release and Events

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Battle for Zendikar Game Day Events

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Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Events at Game Grid

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  Game Grid is excited to continue our Magic Invitational Tournament Series with tons of great prizes and perks!  What’s more awesome than being able to qualify for the Invitational by playing in Game Grid events you were already attending?  For those of you who did not participated in last year’s Tournament Series … Continued

  It was an unusually warm day for December here at the North Salt Lake Game Grid and there was a bit of excitement and anticipation in the air. Today would be the first ever Game Grid Invitational that everyone has been working towards since the beginning of the year. By 9:30 … Continued

                Welcome to the information page for the 1st Annual Game Grid Invitation and Open. It will be at our new Bountiful/North Salt Lake Store at 60 S. Orchard Dr. North Salt Lake on December 5th. Besides the 16 player Invitational Tournament with … Continued

I won a Game Day at Game Grid in Layton this last Sunday playing a stock Abzan control deck.  I slanted the sideboard towards beating Mono Red along with a couple cards for U/R Ensoul and played the following 15 cards in my sideboard: 3x 3x 3x 2x 2x 2x … Continued

The full set spoiler for Magic Origins is finally out, and while I’m sad not to see some classic staples from core sets past (, we hardly knew ye), there are a lot of exciting new cards and some spicy reprints.  And while most players are excited for the , … Continued