Grand Prix Salt Lake City Trials at Game Grid

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Magic Conspiracy Draft

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I’m excited to play Standard since Khans of Tarkir released, but not because of any new Khans cards.  I’m excited because I have a deck using very few Khans cards which I think is substantially ahead of the curve right now: U/W Heroic.  I’ve played the deck in a few … Continued

Excitement always abounds with the release of a new set, and even more so when it is a set for a brand new block.  Standard is going to be shaken up with the passing of old staples like and and the introduction of new cards such as and .  However, … Continued

  Join us at Game Grid for our From the Vault: Annihilation promotion. We will be having some fun with a raffle contests and some of you will be lucky and be able to purchase the From the Vault: Annihilation special boxed set from Wizards of the Coast at the … Continued

  Artwork Contest Game Grid is looking for some artwork to use for our marketing and we are going to see if we have any artists out there that would like to help us with finding some good artwork. What better way than to have a contest with Prizes! Please … Continued

This week Drew pilots the BUG Control list he posted last week in a daily event.  You can check out the list here. Due to some technical problems, we were only able to upload the first two matches and the first game of the third match.  For those who are … Continued