Daniel’s Den – Rakdos Artifacts

After building Borborygmos and tossing together a fairly straight-forward King Darien deck, I wanted to do something a little different for a new deck. As I browsed through my folder I came across . I thought if there was an ability that could be abused surely this would be one … Continued

Daniel’s Den – Crafting Borborygmos

The saying is that “necessity is the mother of invention.” And it is definitely true as I sat down to craft my latest EDH deck when Gatecrash was released. I know I wanted to use in a deck when I saw him but it wasn’t at the top of my … Continued

Daniel’s Den – Gatecrash cards for Commander

We’ve had access to Gatecrash for a couple weeks now and the first Pro Tour where the set was legal has wrapped up. We’ve talked about cards we think will make an impact on constructed, some of the best commons to watch out for but we’ve neglected Commander! The cards … Continued

Daniel’s Den – Fun Formats for the Kitchen Table

Sometimes you call up a few friends to get together to play some Magic and you end up with a group dynamic that can prove to be fairly awkward. Maybe it’s an odd number. Maybe it’s a huge range of skill level and experience. So the question arises, what can … Continued

Daniel’s Den – Getting into Commander

If you are already a regular Commander player, this article will bring nothing new to the proverbial table for you. We are looking at all those folks who are daunted by building a 99-card deck. We will talk other fun topics like card impact in later pieces. So bear with … Continued