FubsyDaily #29 – Triggers and YOU!

In this Daily, Fubsy goes over some of the controversy surrounding the new trigger policies and rules. ARTICLES TO READ: http://www.channelfireball.com/articles/owens-a-win-trigger-troubles/ http://blogs.magicjudges.org/telliott/2012/09/19/120920changesforplayers/ http://blogs.magicjudges.org/telliott/2012/09/17/missed-triggers-2/

FubsyBlog – WTF Am I Doing? Zombo!!!!!

It’s a funny thing, getting to a point in your Magic life where you just don’t care about the weekly tournaments anymore. I used to live and thrive on them, playing almost every single night in a tournament somewhere around the valley. Over the past few months, as I’ve started … Continued