What’s the Pick? Eldritch Moon #5

It’s time for some more Eldritch Moon draft picks! My Pick: Weaver of Lightning.  Weaver is one of the payoff creatures for being in U/R spells, as doing an extra damage for every single spell you cast is quite good.  One toughness creatures will not stick around for long, and if … Continued

What’s the Pick? Eldritch Moon #4

Pro Tour Eldritch Moon is almost here, and that means more drafting! My Pick: Murder.  The black instant is simple and efficient, killing almost any creature in Eldritch Moon.   and have always been premium limited spells, and Murder has no restriction on it outside of its casting cost. Honorable Mention: … Continued

What’s the Pick? Eldritch Moon #3

More Eldritch Moon means more draft picks!  Let’s jump into another set of first picks for the new set. My Pick: Sanctifier of Souls.  Sanctifier is a strong 4 drop, as it often can attack past smaller creatures as well as providing a one man army in the middle to later turns … Continued

What’s the Pick? Eldritch Moon #2

It’s almost time for Eldritch Moon!  That means plenty of drafting this weekend, so let’s take a look at another round of picks from the set. My Pick: Savage Alliance.  I talked about the red uncommon last week, and I still think my initial assessment rings true that this is a … Continued

What’s the Pick? Eternal Masters #1

Eternal Masters releases this week, and Game Grid is excited to be hosting Eternal Masters drafts all weekend long!  Let’s go ahead and kick things off with a couple Eternal Masters draft picks from three sample packs.  I’ll offer two pick options, one that gives you the greatest monetary value (considering … Continued