The TNT Show Live!

Featuring Steve Argyle Joanie Brosas and Zach Sims!

Event Information

Hey all!

We are hosting an awesome Live Show event this weekend with the TNT Show!
What does that mean?
Audience participation in a hillarious live youtube show featuring local celebrities and sweet give aways!

There will be ridiculous questions posed to our hosts (What super villain should rule the free world? If you had a signature weapon what would it be and what would you name it? Which world leader would you play as a bonus character in Street Fighter?) They will pick audience members to be on their team and help them concoct the best and craziest answers to their questions. Meanwhile everyone else in the audience votes on their favorite answer!
Winning team gets free stuff
Audience members get raffle tickets which = free stuff!
Basically we want to bribe you into coming over and having a great time enjoying nerd culture!

Game Grid is sponsoring the event with some sweet Pokemon Trainer Kits, Magic: The Gathering booster packs and other awesome give aways!
The TNT Show has some amazing artwork and exclusive Comicon swag to give away too!

See you guys this Saturday for an awesome night of fun and laughter!