The 2017 Game Grid Invitational


The best premier Magic tournament in Utah is only a month away!  On January 27th, those qualified will be competing at the Game Grid Invitational being held at our Lehi location.  Featuring the new Rivals of Ixalan set, 32 players will be sleeving up both Standard and Modern decks to try and claim their spot in the top 8 for a chance to draft the newest set.  With $3,000 in cash and prizes on the line, it’s sure to be another great tournament featuring some of the best players in Utah!

With all of our Invitational Qualifiers completed for the season, here is an updated list of every player currently qualified for the tournament:

  • Brad Maxwell
  • Kyer Folsom
  • Buddy Sellers
  • Josh Coleman
  • Colby Abel
  • Clint Wilkins
  • John Kitchen
  • Tyson Roylance
  • Aaron Leete
  • Alan Lee
  • Isaac Smith
  • Holly Huang
  • Aaron Muranaka
  • Skyler Gurney
  • January 27th 10:00 AM

  • Game Grid Lehi

  • 630 E State St. Lehi, UT 84043 (801)477-7680

Remember, there are still 18 spots up for grabs based on your yearly Invitational standings which can be found here:  For players still competing for a top spot, the last day you can earn points towards your standing is December 31st.  A final list of the 32 qualified players as well as 20 alternate players will be published on January 8th.  Invites will pass down to alternate players if not all 32 players show up to play in the event.  For every qualified player from the list of 32 that does not register on the day of the event by 9:30 am, an alternate that is present will be selected to play in the Invitational instead.  If you are running late and will be at the tournament later than 9:30, please call and let us know.  The tournament will begin promptly at 10:00 and we will still be enforcing penalties for tardiness.  Alternate selection will be based on descending order for those alternates that are present to register (1, 2, 3, etc.).

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