Star Wars Destiny Utah Trade Event

Utah Destiny Trade Event at Game Grid

Entry: Free!
*This will be a donation based event, so donations from experienced players are encouraged but not required

New players are encouraged to show up and play!

Trade Event Date

Saturday, September 30th @ 11am

Event Details

Door Prizes will be given out every hour in a raffle: Starter sets, Booster packs, Playmats, custom tokens, promo cards and more!

One Empire at War booster box will be given out in a special raffle for the participants that donated cards!

Everyone gets a raffle ticket every hour for a chance at winning prizes!

Bring in a player new to the game and both of you receive a raffle ticket!

Donate 50 commons/uncommons and receive a raffle ticket!

Donate 10 rares and receive a raffle ticket!

Every player will be able to choose up to 2 commons/uncommons from donated cards to add to their personal collections.  Rares will be given out based on number of rares donated.

Demo games will be available for new players to learn and play Destiny!

Plenty of space to trade and play games!


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