Invitational Featured Top 8 Draft


With all the constructed rounds completed, it was time to sit down and draft with the Top 8 players.  I sat behind Pro Tour Top 8 player Aaron Muranaka to get a look at each and every pick he made for his Rivals of Ixalan draft deck.  The first bolded card from each pick is the final pick Aaron made while those not bolded are cards he looked at and considered while making his decision about which card to select for his deck. 


Aaron only felt OK about his deck.  He had a solid suite of creatures and removal, but nothing really powerful other than gaining the City's Blessing with Kumena's Awakening and Golden Demise.  While blue was a great color to be in his seat, black was heavily drafted, as there were a total of five players at the table all drafting black.  On top of that, he knew his first round opponent, Buddy Sellers had first picked a Profane Procession, and it would be difficult for Aaron to beat the powerful enchantment.  Indeed, Profane Procession proved to be too much for Aaron in the quarterfinals, and it would spell the end for his tournament.

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