All the details for the 2017 Invitational can be found here.

What exactly is the Game Grid Invitational?  We are excited to offer a unique tournament experience for all the players of Utah by offering a premier Invitational to 32 qualified players.  The top 8 players will take home their share of $2,000 in cash and $1,000 in other prizes.  Featuring a split tournament structure, the Invitational highlights both Constructed and Limited Magic.  The competition is fierce, so you’ll have to prove your mastery of Magic in multiple formats!

  • Free entry for qualified players (qualifying events may have entry fees)
  • Top 8 players at the Invitational win prizes
  • $2,000 in cash prizes
  • $1,000 in Magic product (examples from previous years include Modern Masters booster boxes)
  • 12 invites given out for announced qualifier tournaments
  • 17 invites given out for the top players on the Invitational point leaderboard
  • 3 invites given out to last year’s Invitational finalists and the winner of the Game Grid Open ran the same day as the Invitational

At this point you’re asking how do I get a shot at such a big prize pool?  There are two ways to qualify for the Game Grid Invitational.  The first is by winning one of several qualification tournaments held throughout the year at Game Grid stores.  The second is by accumulating Invitational points and finishing in the top players for points at the end of the year.  Invitational points are earned by playing in any Magic event at any Game Grid.  Friday Night Magic, Prereleases, Standard Showdowns and weekly drafts all help you earn Invitational points.  The more you play at Game Grid, the more points you will earn to reach the top!

Check your Game Grid Invitational Points Here.