Qualify for the Game Grid Invitational this Fall!


Leaves are falling, colors are changing, and with the fall season comes more chances for you to qualify for the Game Grid Invitational! The Invitational is THE premier event in Utah to play in, offering $3,000 in prizes!  A multi-format event, the Invitational will feature 3 rounds of Standard and 3 rounds of Modern followed by the Top 8 players drafting the new set, Rivals of Ixalan!


We're running 9 events between October and December, the winner of each qualifying to play in the Game Grid Invitational being held January 20th. Get ready to play in a wide variety of formats: Standard, Ixalan Draft, and Competitive Commander.  On top of that, we are excited to be running not one, not two, but THREE qualifiers when Iconic Masters releases!  These will be Sealed deck events using Iconic Masters, so make sure to play at Game Grid on Iconic Weekend for a chance to qualify for the Invitational! With plenty of different formats available in the upcoming months, there's no better time to sleeve up some cards and vie for a coveted spot at the Invitational! Below is a list of all of the upcoming Invitational Qualifiers:

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